The Way Kim Dao received a marriage proposal from her husband, Eric?

Kim Dao, a You Tuber, has voiced her immense joy and enthusiasm about her experience on her wedding day, on her wedding day along with her husband, Eric. She had shared a few of the most beautiful and amazing journeys on her wedding day, which can be completely unique and creative from regular weddings. Kim Dao along with her husband Eric were studying together in the University of Western Australia, and Kim Dao joins with the Japanese Society, made her fate to meet with her life partner Eric. They became friends and started to a relationship for almost nine and a half years and have been residing in Sidney, Australia.

Kim Dao received her marriage proposal from her husband Eric in front of this Replica of Hogwarts castle in Universal Studios Japan. The unique thing about the project for Kim Dao was her husband Eric proposed her at her most favorite place across the entire world and that also both were dressed in Hogwarts uniforms, which she shared on her vlog. Kim Dao takes her husband’s proposal and it was how this marriage occurred with a stunning and fantastic style. Kim Dao’s husband Eric was conscious of her likeness and fondness for Harry Potter, therefore taking the liberty of it, they both decided to conduct their union with Harry Potter themed wedding.

Kim Dao arranged her wedding in mixed types with a magic touch and more of traditional elements on it so that it can be more exciting and exciting. Kim Dao arranged her invitation card with a little bit of magical touch; she left her invitation look just like the Marauder’s map also utilizes Etsy template as the base. This looks magical experience and feeling and tries to add more excitement to her wedding program by giving a unique touch on her reception, which Kim Dao loved the maximum. Her reception bombarded with Hogwarts illustration and layouts, which she adored it so much and found it to be rather charming and fancy.

Kim Dao also organized old-fashioned key as an added party favor and most of her guests like the way they presented the arrangements. The couple even arranged Hogwarts scarves, and several other accessories and staffs provided for their guests in the place of their picture booth, which the guests find it rather exciting and odd. Kim Dao had her wedding in a very sweet and elaborate with Western-style plus a little bit of Harry Potter signature and character.

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